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The Big Green Clean: 12 Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Everyone Needs

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The Big Green Clean: 12 Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Everyone Needs


Discover these new eco-friendly and plant based cleaning brands on the market. These plastic free, natural and vegan cleaning products will make your home, green, clean and gorgeous.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 24 Jun 2021

Investing in eco cleaning products for your home is one of the simplest ways to move to a more sustainable way of living.

Eco-friendly or green cleaning is seeing a huge rise in interest as more of us are challenging the old mainstream brands that relied on single use plastic and man-made chemicals.

Instead we are moving back to more traditional methods often using lemon, bicarb of soda and white vinegar in various combinations, or opting for new brands that focus on plant-based ingredients and plastic free packaging.

Does this sound like you?

10 Eco Friendly Cleaning Brands For Your Home

Are you rethinking what you clean your home with?

What makes cleaning products eco-friendly?

Simply put, sustainable cleaning products tick off a range of issues such as:

  • Not containing toxic chemicals
  • Has biodegradable ingredients
  • Being made from plants
  • Not using single use plastic
  • Being plastic free entirely
  • Being refillable
  • Not creating waste
  • Being vegan and/or cruelty free
  • Recyclable packaging

Not every eco-friendly cleaning brand will be able to match all of these eco issues, so pick and choose the ones you care about the most and start there.

That's not to say you can't make your own eco-friendly cleaning products at home.

These eco-friendly cleaning hacks use mostly white vinegar, lemon and bicarb of soda but if time is of the essence, or you'd rather buy than make, then here are some of my favourite new eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

The Best Eco-Friendly And Plant Based Cleaning Product Brands

There is a growing range of eco-friendly and plant based cleaning products, available in the supermarket and online, delivered direct to your door.

  1. Clean Living
  2. Eco Egg
  3. HomeThings
  4. Mangle & Wringer
  5. Clothes Doctor
  6. Smol
  7. Nimble
  8. Spruce
  9. Seventh Generation
  10. EcoZone
  11. Bio-D
  12. Seep

I have focused on eco cleaning brands primarily available in the UK as that’s where we are based, to cut down on air miles and carbon emissions from transportation.

1. Clean Living

New eco-cleaning brand, Clean Living, has a comprehensive refillable system going, that uses concentrated pouches of plant based cleaning mixes and refillable metal bottles to stop you need single use plastic cleaning supplies or having to buy them from a shop.

Clean Living’s range is 100% natural, PH neutral, vegan friendly and non-damaging to aquatic life and they cut out the water (99% of cleaning sprays generally) to cut down on carbon emission and transport costs. Order the sachets as you need and return the empty ones to be recycled.

Clean Living’s range of eco-friendly cleaning products includes a Glass Cleaner, Biological All Purpose Cleaner, Limescale Remover, Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser and a Biological Bin Odour Eliminator.

Clean living reusable cleaning botles

Order refillable bottles online and top up with concentrated sachets of eco-friendly solutions

2. Eco-Egg

Have you tried out a laundry egg yet? It's an eco-friendly and reusable alternative to laundry detergent.

The Eco-Egg uses natural mineral pellets which activate in the water to gently remove dirt and leave your clothes thoroughly cleaned and best of all one 'egg' can be used in over 200 washes.

No mess, no plastic wrapped pods and no chemicals so it's suitable for sensitive skin. Best of all it's refillable so there's no more lugging heavy laundry powders or plastic boxes home.

plastic egg on blanket

One Eco Egg will last for hundreds of washes so no more trips to the shops

3. Homethings

The green cleaning niche has just got more exciting as brand new cleaning brand Homethings offers refillable household eco-cleaning products.

Homethings have concentrated the cleaning power into non-toxic, effervescent tablets, allowing consumers to refill the same bottle again and again at home using just tap water at home.

Taking inspiration from zero waste pioneers and the circular economy, Homethings send you the tablets through the post and you dilute them at home in refillable bottles or old bottles you’ve got to hand.

They launched with three household cleaning sprays for; All Purpose, Bathroom and Glass + Mirror. Each contains zero toxic ingredients and no hidden nasties.

You can order the Keep it Clean Starter Kit which includes three refillable glass bottles and three cleaning tabs (1x All Purpose, 1x Bathroom, 1x Glass + Mirror).

Glass bottle trio of eco friendly cleaning product Homethings

New to market reusable and refillable cleaning brand Homethings will shake things up

4. Mangle & Wringer

If it's funky packaging you want, try the non-toxic products from Mangle and Wringer and go all Downton Abbey. The recipes for their products have been inherited from long-time housekeeper, Bette Smith, who went into service in 1934.

Handmade in the Cotswolds, each Mangle & Wringer product is non-toxic, free from fragrance and colour and uses only food grade ingredients. They all have, at their heart, Bette’s original recipe for cold processed soap.

Their plastic free Pure Laundry Powder is made from 100% coconut oil soap and natural minerals, it's become a bestseller as it's free from phosphates, synthetic detergents, fragrances and preservatives.

It's so soft it can still be effective on silk, hand-washing and delicates and reduces the need for fabric softener.

Packed of laundary powder and jar

Mangle & Wringer Pure Laundry Powder uses a plastic free, old fashioned approach that works

5. Clothes Doctor

Clothing repair experts, Clothes Doctor, now offer a vegan and cruelty-free Clothing Care range.

This eco-friendly cleaning collection is single use plastic free, refillable and made with natural ingredients - all geared around keeping your clothes happier for longer (ie at home and not in landfill).

We’re loving the Eco Wash Laundry Set which is engineered for low-temperature machine washing and gentle handwashing (both of which are better for the environment).

It includes an Eco Washing Detergent, Eco Wash for Cashmere and Wool (which also contains a natural moth deterrent) and an Eco Wash for Silk and Delicates).

You save 10% when buying the set, as opposed to buying them singularly and everything is made in the UK to reduce air miles and carbon emissions.

clothes doctor metal bottles of eco laundry detergent in a woven basket

Help your clothes last longer with these eco-friendly laundry washes from Clothes Doctor

6. Smol

Direct to your door, eco-friendly laundry and dishwasher capsule brand, Smol, have created 100% plastic free packaging that’s child safe.

This green challenger brand has been two years in the making, and now delivers eco-friendly cleaning capsules that are cruelty free, have no animal derived ingredients, fewer chemicals than supermarket options plus they have switched to plastic free packaging.

Every pack of Smol cleaning capsules bought saves 60 grams of plastic compared to regular dishwasher and laundry brands.

The 24 pack of capsules are delivered through your letterbox in cardboard packaging at intervals to suit your washing needs and at often half the price of mainstream brands.

We reckon that’s a win for the planet and for your pocket.

cardboard box of smol eco friendly laundry tablets

No more heaving plastic tubs of washing capsules home from the supermarket. Swap to Smol

7. Nimble

Nimble is a clear eco-cleaning brand winner, especially for families that are stuck at home.

Aimed at busy parents, its plant-based cleaners use lactic acid as their magic ingredient, cutting through grime, dirt and just sticky stuff with ease.

This plant-based green cleaning company’s Sticky Stopper is a family favourite as it’s formulated to move mess first go, but is also great at disinfecting toys and surfaces gently and the whole range is safe to use around babies.

trio of nimble eco friendly cleaning prodcts on green leaves

Child-friendly plant-based cleaning brand Nimble are cleaning up with parents

8. Spruce

Launched in May 2020, new eco-friendly and refillable cleaning brand, Spruce, are waging war on single use plastics.

Their ethical home cleaning range comes with refillable bottles, concentrated refills, packed in paper and delivered to your door. There's zero waste here.

Their eco-cleaning power comes from mostly food grade ingredients that are safe for humans and for the planet, fully biodegradable, free of pesticides, parabens, petrochemicals, palm oil, VOC’s, ammonia, chlorine and many more hidden toxins.

Interested? Try one of their starter kits and revolutionise your green spring clean routine.

reusable cleaning bottles

Spruce is a zero waste, refillable eco-friendly cleaning system

9. Seventh Generation

New to the UK, Seventh Generation, have a range of eco-friendly cleaning products that are powered by plants.

They have tested and honed their range over the last 30 years in the States and are now available in Britain.

From laundry detergent to dishwasher tablets, these concentrated (to last longer) products avoid all unnecessary chemicals and contain no synthetic fragrances or dyes, just natural essential oils and botanical extracts.

While all of their packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, their new brown cardboard bottles are made from recycled fibres.

seventh generation cleaning products on a wooden table

Seventh Generation make eco-friendly cleaning products for every appliance and all over your home

10. Ecozone

British cleaning brand Ecozone are all about ridding your home of toxic chemicals so offer up a range of natural detergents, to use in dishwashers, on the washing up, in washing machines, floors, ovens, you name it. And many come unscented for sensitive skin.

Need to unblock drains or clean your coffee machine? They've got plant based products for that too.

11. Bio D

Another great ethical cleaning brand is Bio D, who create no-nonsense hypoallergenic cleaning products that don't harm the environment or your skin.

From toilet cleaner to washing powder, they also offer their lines in bulk options meaning there's less plastic and delivery emissions from your order or their large scale washing powder comes in a brown paper bag. They're also often available in zero waste stores.

two bottles of Bio laundry liquid and a laundry basket

Bio D offer up bulk buying and are often available in zero waste stores

12. Seep

Did you know 80% of common sponges are made from virgin plastic and can't be recycled. 600 million plastic sponges end up in landfills or incinerators every year. We can do better.

We are loving climate positive new brand, Seep’s biodegradable, loofah sponges and clothes, which not only reduce your single use plastic use, but they can also be machine washed easily and don’t contain any micro-fibres.

They’re perfect for anyone wanting to be greener without having to go down the homemade or hempy route. Seep’s an easy swap and the sponges are as good as supermarket finds.

biodegradable sponges on a white table

Seep can replace the plastic ridden yellow and green sponges we all use and reduce the level of single use plastics

What do you think? Share your experiences of using any of these brands or your eco-friendly cleaning hacks with us in our Facebook community.

This is a Sponsored Post, where brands have paid to be involved. We only work with brands we know, love and trust and have tested out ourselves.

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